Colum McCann – Let the Great World Spin

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It is set up in NY , this book is called Let the Great World Spin and is written by Colum McCann. He is a contemporary writer, he has his inspiration from James Joyce. Most of his writtings illlustrates the common people´s living and it illustrates with dark reality of the days we are living in, so this books is… hm, generally it is about about the prostitues in NY, the black people in NY, how they end up into prostitution because of the poverty and he just does not go into it but it has many layers of narration. What I really love about this book is there is not just one narrator, there are many voices, like one chapter is said by another one.

So, another part is about two Irish brothers, who lost their father and mother very young-aged and one brother becomes a Christian monk who wants to save the world but not like a really traditional Christian, but he has his order and he has his core ideas of forgiving and charity, but not like blank follower of Church. And his brother is a hippie so how their lives meet and so there is one event which happens in New York in 1974 and it is the tightrope walk – a man is walking on a tightrope  between the World Trade towers so the whole book is moving around that – one incident – that people see that thing and how this incident shooks them and also a judge who is actually preceeding the case of the tightrope walker, so it also about the life of the judge and the judge´s son who is dead in the 2nd WW or Vietnam war.

It is a really beautiful book, I think it is one of the best books I am reading this year.


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