Salla Simukka – Punainen kuin veri

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It is Finnish book and I have just started to read it. So I do not know exactly what is going on yet, but so far it seems to be a crime that has happened and there is a lot of money involved and somehow this amount of money ended up with three students. And these students, they do not know what to do with this money now. So they are trying to figure it out, they do not want to go to the police either. And they do not know that there is another student that knows about the money and because this money is kind of illegaly in their hands, they are trying to keep it as quiet as possible, but this other student does know about it now. So just now one of the students, who is in charge of the money caught this forth student, who does have anything to do with the money and lets see what happens, so far I know this, but I do not know more.


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