Franz Kafka – Processen

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It is Kafka, it is the Trial, it has been one of my favourite books since a while. I am interested in law and I studied law in Sweden. And it is fun to come to Prague and to actually read the book here because Kafka is one of the biggest writers in the whole world and it is such a big thing to come here and read about it, to read the book in the city it was written in. I think it is really amazing to see the historical sightseeing that just how it was build upon the city, it is very good, you can see really a lot of society issues in this book and how you can compare that to his own private life. It is a really good book and especially how we are betrayed in the world of law and how it is gonna be. There actually is a really good sentece that I agree on that we all are Joseph K, as the narrator of the book and it is equally the truth that we all are the courts that judges him and I think it is a very profound qoute of the book.


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